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Welcome to the Samurai usagi WikiEdit

Samurai Usagi (サムライうさぎ?) is a manga series by Teppei Fukushima that was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 2007 #14 to 2008 #33.

A jidaigeki ("period drama") revolving around a 15 year old low-ranking samurai and his wife. The manga portrays the Edo period from a socially low-ranking samurai's perspective, and is skeptical of the Samurai Code used by high-ranked samurai to impose norms and reinforce their own authority. The values of people the hero meets are deeply examined, bringing hidden aspect to light, which are used to poke fun, as plot twists, or occasionally as the source of conflict. This structure is supported by the extensive use of contemporary Japanese youth slang in dialogue. Generally, the story advances through the hero's monologues. The hero's serious monologues do not use slang to make a contrast with the dialogue of other characters. Although Edo period customs are occasionally explained, for a manga dealing with samurai the swordsmanship portrayed in Samurai Usagi varies from actual sword-fighting techniques. Also, some samurai characters do not wear their hair in a topknot. Although it lacks in authenticity and accuracy, the flavor of the Edo period is preserved. The hero and heroine being married from the beginning of the story is highly unusual for youth-oriented manga.


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